More info on UTOPiA?

I just posted the article More info on UTOPiA ?.

Submitted by: WaxWeazle

Altough several people confirmed the news that UTOPiA members were busted, we don’t want to hide this message to you. At least the last part, is a thing to watch out for …

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Well, what did i say? how LAME are you assholes?? stop believing everything posted on CDFreaks, its usually just rumours and has NOTHING to do with facts… maybe every group on the net should have a PRESSTEAM which takes care of rumours sent to CDFreaks. :wink:

How do you know this aint bullshit either?

you just prove my point man :slight_smile: one case of beer coming your way hehehehehe :slight_smile:

what a bullshit…

very good