More info on Toshiba sdr 1202?

I am so new and just want to ask one thing.I´ve been dreami´n about a Toshiba sdr 1202 but I cant find any thing about it being comp. with Eac.Seems to me it can do lead in/out (it´s Clone comp)but I cant find any doc. ´bout this Tosh and Eac.Anyone ,please , have you any experiences ?Clone supported readers/burner says Toshiba sd-r 1202 is Ok, I so near buing one , but it says sd-r 1202K!What does the “K” stand for?
Thank you anyone for answering!!

Yes it exists!
I have the oldest firmware on it according to
and as it is used obviously very seldom, I describe my experiences with it. By the way, to get a new firmware for it is the same pain-in-the-ass as always with toshiba.

The good stuff about the drive:

Backup of Laserlock: reads very fast, backup is 100 % perfect.
Backup of Safedisc 2.51: reads very fast, backup is 100 % perfect.
Backup of Tagès: not tested, I don’t own Motoracer 3.

Playback of DVD: Noise is low.
Speed: I’m satisfied.

The bad stuff about the drive:
Burn Track-At-Once: Works with every media.
Burnd Disc-At-Once: Works only with few media. Verbatim 74min: ok, verbatim 80min: ok, Platinum 20min Mini-cd: ok, Verbatim 20min Mini-CD: no go!, Acer 80min: no go!

In no go, burning is suspended during write of lead-in, which takes place in Disc-At-Once before writing of data, in Track-At-Once thereafter.

So I’m using excluseviley big verbatims and small Platinums, thus its ok.

it doesnt do tages

Originally posted by ckin2001
it doesnt do tages

Nothing does.