More info on HD-A740GX from Lite-on website

Probably not a big deal to those in Europe, but DVD recorder w/ HDD that plays DivX is finally available in the USA. MORE DETAILS

Here’s a brief skinny:
Built-in 160GB Hard Disk Drive (maximum recording time 200 hours)
DVD+R Double Layer Recoring (maximum recording time 11.5 hours)
DivX Video Playback (including DivX 6)
One-Touch Two-way Disc Copy
Time Shift (Pause Live TV)
Video Plus+
DV input
DV Dubbing

Gonna stop by Costco today and see if it’s available. Just from a superfiscial glance it looks identical to the LVW-5045 GDL sold in Euroland.

fyi, I e-mail Lite-on and the HD-A760GX just has a larger HDD (200gb) and will be available later in the summer.