More info about Napster's mp3-protection

I just posted the article More info about Napster’s mp3-protection.

I’ve got some more info about Naster’s planned information about the copyrights protection. What they want to do is the following. When you download a song from someone they the song gets encrypted…

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er zijn genoeg andere progs :4:4:4:4:4:4:4

Yeah I know there are a lot outthere but I still prefer Napster for the great number of members -> tons of music!

people say that ftp’s are much better than Napster which is rubbish. You spend ages just looking for one song. But the trouble with Napster is that people can cut your downloads off half way through :((

Nilis please post in English the next time, we have visitors from other countries then just the Netherlands (Didn’t you see our newspostings are in Enlgish ?)