More in-depth information on the new audio CD protection



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It’s like slashing paintings in a gallery to stop someone stealing them. i love that sentence! dunno why it won’t be possible 2 copy such a disc ;). As soon as i get my hands on 1, i’ll try ;).


There is a program called Total Recorder that emulates a sound card and records what ever you are playing to .wav. I use it to rip protected .wma songs. I wonder if it will work against the new SafeAudio; since it is clear sounding when just playing the file. I don’t have a protected CD so if anybody wants to try it out and post the results you can download the Total Recorder @ Please Post your results…Later Freaks :d


Well, Total Recorder is an analog recorder. The same process can be done with any wav recorder - it’s just that Total Recorder “intercepts” the audio on the way to the sound card. We can also use the SPDIF digital out of the Cd-rom to the SPDIF in on the soundcard (SB Live)for a real time 1:1 copy. Some Music Mastering Engineers believe this provides a better & more accurate “1:1” copy than “ripping”. However, according to this protection scheme as I just read, it appears that if we can copy the audio cd with the copy protection as well, then the Cd audio player will mask the noise data on the copy just as it does on the original. It is a damn shame - I deejayed for a long time - scratched disks play fine but Do Not sound as good as non-scratched disks. Just as SACD & DVD-A come along & just as Black cdr’s come along (improving sonic performance of any cd) the big boys decide to deliberately throw noise into the recording…jeez…I am curious to get one of these Cd’s & try MVP on it. Does anyone know an American title I can buy here in the U.S. - or any title for that matter from amazon?


Hi, i would like to pay the same price for something that is not of the same quality as before just so you can make more $$$ and so i can get screwed. Thanks, Strooper Lets go back to LPs and get the same hiss please


Safe-Audio seems to use altered EFM coding…just like the Safe-Disc2 protection. U probably make a 1:1 copy with a SD2 compatible burner no problem :wink:


I live here in Cali… and according to the article the CD’s went on sale here first. Is there anyone out there that knows what CD it is?