More help needed with purchase of dvd burner

sorry if this has been asked over and over which i know it has because ive read through a lot of these trying to find a burner right for me. anyway, im having trouble finding one to suit my needs and they are as follows:

dvd burn speed: doesnt matter
cd burn speed: 40-48x
cd-rw burn speed: 24-32x
dvd-ram: dont need it

good support for dvd +r and dual layer media
wide range of features like the newer plextor drives have
most important: excellent at ripping and burning audio cd’s and rw’s with excellent quality
good burning quality with verbatim or good brand media

i currently have a liteon sohw-1673s drive and im tired of all the noise it makes, unable to play dvd-videos without skipping and locking up, and unable to burn the 24x memorex cd-rw media i just bought. ive read the review on this site about this drive and i regret i bought it after looking at all the errors it produced on the media. i wish i knew about this stuff sooner but now i want to make a good choice when i buy a new drive this time so hopefuly i can get some help from you knowledgeable folks on here. ive read about a dozen or slightly more reviews on different drives from benq to samsung and the only one that looks good to me is the Plextor PX-755A but a search on froogle only turns up one out of stock price so i have no idea on which drive to buy thats good in the areas im looking for AND thats actualy instock at a store online.

to summerize im looking for a drive that has excellent write quality(low error count) on at least a few well known brands of media such as verbatim or memorex and can do this on cd-rw, dvd+r and dvd+r dl because i burn a lot of audio to cd-rw’s, cd-r’s, backup a lot of data to dvd+r’s and burn movies to dvd+r dl discs. thanks for reading this and everyones help. :bow: :bigsmile:

well ive been doing more searching and re-reading reviews and i really like the new Plextor PX-760A rated very good here

but when i go on and look at the reviews for it many people say it died after 3-4 months of use and others it didnt read discs as well anymore so i guess i’ll stay away from that one unless someone has some more info on that drive and those problems. the review looks excellent though, but i dont want to pay 100 bucks for a drive and have it die on me months later.

i also found the NEC ND-3550A drive on newegg and its has excellent reviews by almost 1000 people but yet it doesnt have a review on this website, only its older cousin it looks like. does anyone have any tests or experience with this drive? i dont understand why a drive that popular doesnt have a good review.

heres an example of what im dealing with, with my current drive.

]cdrw test