More fake MCC media? is currently selling 200x MCC 02RG20 DVD-R discs for $40 here. (Found in this fatwallet thread, where they discuss these a bit).

The general consensus seems to be that these are most likely fake MCC discs, but since nobody’s gotten their order in yet, nobody’s sure. Just a heads up…

If it’s not Verbatim og mitsubishi branded I usually skips it - too much fake media on the market. And if it’s not fake and sold under other brands than Mitsubishi or Verbatim it’s more than likeliy low grade media…

The last batch of DVD+R Mitsubishi media i had was MJC-003. Scared me a bit, i was expecting mcc-003. Burns arent bad though. So im not complaining.

Do you have any idea who makes MJC-003? I tried to post it on but they keep taking it off, maybe they think im making a mistake.

MJC discs are made by MJC Singapore Pte Ltd, presumably in Singapore.

Mitsubishi branded media sold in UK and made by MJC? I don’t think genuine Mitsubishi branded media are sold in Europe at all and if they don’t even have MCC mid code, but MJC, I think you can be pretty sure that they have no relation whatsoever to the real Mitsubishi brand which is mostly sold in Asia.

Where did you buy this media? Do you have a picture of it?


Their ad very clearly states that it is MCC medias and (search - The Tech Geek - without the .com) does not reflect anyone getting fake medias from them (and I am sure that someone would complain if they got some)-

At $40 shipped for 200 - appears to be a kicka$$ buy - and is better than any cheapo medias - IMO-

(I’ve got to much blank media - so I will pass)


chancooluk posted a pic of his Mitsubishi brand disc here:

More followup copied from the Fatwallet thread. As we suspected, they’re fakes, and made by Infosmart. (who else?)

fatbaba wrote:

The stamper ID on the inner ring is “DVD-R M-803” just like what the people from Hungary said in the thread.

Serial numbers from the inner hub:

dvd-r 11c-180155 u28A 03 050118 00 13 42 6336