More expensive DVD Recorder to replace cheap DVD player

I just posted the article More expensive DVD Recorder to replace cheap DVD player.

everyone has a DVD player nowadays and their price is close to nothing if you
are looking for a simple model. However the end of the DVD player era is near,
it’s not Blu-ray or HD-DVD…

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Saying the end of the DVD player is near is like saying the end of the CD player is near. We’ve been able to record our own CDs for a decade now, but cheap CD players still sell like crazy. Until you can get a cheap DVD recorder for US $ 20 or less, DVD players will be around.

My Dad recently just bought a standalone DVD Recorder for about $100 at Walmart. :o This guy is definitely “technologically challenged” and it truly amazed me to hear that he now owns a standalone recorder. Yes, I can now safely say that standalone DVD recorders are ‘mainstream’.

I really want a standalone DVD recorder, but they are still slightly too expensive for me.