More details on Philips double layer burners

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we reported a couple
of days ago Philips will show two double layer burners, the DVDRW885K and the
DVDRW1640K, at the upcoming CeBIT show in Germany. An
English press release with…

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Hmm. First to market with 16x AND first to market w/ DL. Gee, I wonder who’s gonna win this DVD specifications war.

Gee and I wonder who cares? I thought this whole format war thing was over. Especially since dual format drives can be had any day of the week for lesss than $ 100

Well i bet theirs no double layerd media available when this come out. Im finding it hard to find decent 8x normal dvd media.

Writing speed to a dual layer disc at 2.4x will be much like the writing to a 4.7GB DVD-R disc at 1x (about 45 minutes for a dual-layer DVD at 2.4x). Seems to be the way it works for all first generation optical drives :wink: If this drive can write DVD+R’s at 16x and also read DVD-ROM’s at 16x, I am surprised it can read back DVD+R’s at only the reduced speed of 10x.

As I understood it Dual Layer discs would be written by writing the first layer at what ever speed one specified, i.e. 8x, then the second layer is written at 2.4x. Meaning writing time should be too bad given the return, i.e. no processing of DVD Video files to make them fit on a single layer DVD.

I am impressed with the specifications of the DVDRW1640K 16X burner, however I would like to have available 16X media once the drive is released. I only a Plextor PX-708A and am quite pleased with the drive, however I have yet to find 8X DVD+R media in Toronto Canada. As of now the standard is 4X,it will be interesting to see how long it takes for 8X and then 16X DVD+R media to reach the market.

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No unfortunately that was just a bad formulation from Philips in the first press info that showed up. It’s 2.4x speed for both layers as you can see in the PDF file here.

Keep in mind that the second layer is the one that burns to 2.4x. The first layer will go full speed at 8x or 16x. So, it won’t take 45 mins. If you do a whole disc your looking more like 35 mins for an 8x version.