More details on paid version of KaZaA (KaZaA plus)

I just posted the article More details on paid version of KaZaA (KaZaA plus).

ceminess used our newssubmit to tell us that the rumors regarding KaZaA Plus seem to be true. Earlier posted Zeropaid it found pictures in the KaZaA code that revealed a paid KaZaA version would be…

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Nice that they will be giving the option of ad free software without resorting to Kazaa Lite (illegal version) I just hope it lives up to the hype.

I’ll wait until I can download the paid version of Kazaa from the free version.

Ive heared kazzas a back door for fags who have no life to hack into so ill just use imesh

Now the RIAA have a moral issue on their hands LOL. If they ever get rid of Kazaa, no more donations to charity. lol :wink:

it sound like kazaa lite but u can keep pressing the search button. oooooh how exciting. where do u send my money :r

hahah, i dont know. curently i run kata without adware or spyware with participation 1000 (with cheat prog) and i can use 99xsearch but I paid no cent :wink:

i hear imesh is for people who like it in the backdoor, and not just getting paid under the table but working under it too, so i hear

Strangely here at University, Kazaa Lite can get connected out through the Firewall. The regular Kazaa always says ‘Connecting…’ and goes no further. I’d be interested in knowing how Kazaa Lite connects different than regular Kazaa. Both are version 2.0. I prefer the spyware free version as I hate all these little ‘Big Brother’ spies hanging about! :9

I always liked imesh, but I don’t use it, because it always crashes out my computer and most other people that use it. I had a friend that had to turn his graphics accleration off or his computer would restart when he closed Imesh. It would be alright if it wasn’t so unstable. I think it’s more unstable then Windows ME now that I think about it.