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I just posted the article More console news on CdFreaks.

I know that this is not really “news” but allow me to let you all know that I (DynAMikE) am a new NewsPoster on CdFreaks and will handle all the news in the world called : Console.

If you have any…

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Wou! What a man! He know news on consoles!

Nice idea, but i think news about any hints to get a console working copys, backuping, cracking and more(even sites that offer for example DC Roms)would be more interesting then telling when people can go with their dreamcast online or maybe in the next days with ps2. No, not every little thing about a console must be posted, but quite interesting things like: more bugs found in the latest ps2, hehehe(thats why im not going to buy one so far), an cheap universal chip for playing dvds and copys and all this stuff. SEE YA!

I think that (Especially 2Shy) has a kind of strange reaction on this. When ever there is a news posting about a Napster for PORN, you dont react like this, but now it is consoles, and all of the sudden you want to only read things that you already know. Like, you are not able to make a copy of your DC games at home, same as ps2 (ofcourse it can be done, but not in the standard way).
But whenever there is news like that, you can read it here right away.

That’s True!!

what is a console ?

This is supposed to be a site about copying stuff, and what is your first console news about: online with a DC. Man post your news on or something, but not on cdfreaks.