More complex dvds on mac - aka. im dumb/ignorant/newbie

i only started using a mac like 6 months ago and im wondering if anyone an help me out. i know how to do this with windows programs which im pretty seasoned with and am pretty good with any computer once i figuere it out, but im still pretty new with mac software. so… im wondering if someone can help me out cus i dont want to reboot everytime i want to burn certain dvds into windows as bootcamp only has a 33-35gb max for windows if you want to be able to access from mac os.

anyways, to the point…

im looking for a program (freeware, software, or even if i have to pay) that will let me create menus for dvds, not only for separate vob files or movies, but whole iso/images themselves. so if i have a few full dvds with menus, advanced features, etc that are only like 1.5gb, i can fit like 3 on a dvd with a menu which will let me pick which one i want to open and get to that menu.
i have programs on my old PC that could do this but i dont want to transfer stuff to it cus its older and slower and all the files ar eon my mac.

i have a lot of small dvd iso/other image files with menus i want to combine into one dvd, along with a lot of seasons of shows i want to compile maybe 4 or 5 episodes to a dvd so i can watch them on a larger than 20" widescreen monitor.

if anyone knows a program capable of this or either of these 2 functions (but imagine most programs capable of one could do both) could you please let me know what its called and maybe a link to it?

thanks a bunch

(my harddrive is almost full and its 500gb so i really need to get to burning these 400+gb of movie files soon haha)

also, i already compile these files to vob files usually with visualhub for mac but this is only really good for single movie files where i dont need files, such as downloaded movies avis.

can anyone help me with this?
my harddrive isnt gonna last much longer til its full and i cant find a program that can do this for mac although im sure theres multiple ones out there.

Check the tools/guides section at & & digital-digest!