More Civ 3 Conquests

Okay, I posted a thread about a week ago and didn’t phrase it that well or get much response. I’ve looked into it more, so I’m attempting a better thread to the same effect as before. I have what I believe is a very crappy CD-RW (Dell standard issue) and CloneCD I attempted to burn Civ 3 Conquests with the Protected PC Game profile and it still didn’t work. So do I need to get a better burning drive, a new CCD profiler, or something I don’t know about? Conquests has Safedisc 2.9.040 and I heard the new CCD was supposed to defeat Safedisc 2.9. So what should/can I do? And as a last resort, does anyone know where I could get a working ISO file because the game’s already on it’s way to getting too scratched. Thanks!