More CDs pirated than sold in the UK this year

I just posted the article More CDs pirated than sold in the UK this year.

According to an article on the Herald Sun, there will be more pirated than sold CDs available in the United Kingdom, this according to a report of the IFPI.Computer technology is being…

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more cd’s pirated than sold? is it just me or dont they know how to read numbers? since when has 184 million been more than 222 million?

You can’t seem to read: Quote “Last year” End Quote
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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum… Fifteen men on a dead mans chest… It’s a pirates life for us all…hell I know for a fact that police are getting CDs out of libraries and just copying them. Like all of us they are not selling them on though, but nevertheless they, like us, are refusing to pay the ridiculous prices in the shops. Mark it down as re-distribution of wealth, taking from societys leaches and keeping it in your own pocket. :d

“MORE CDs will be pirated than sold in Britain this year, the music industry CLAIMED yesterday.” The keyword here as usual is claimed. You have to support your claims with facts. You can’t just wave your arms and put out press releases. How the heck do they know how many people copy friends albums? I wish they would quit whining and wake up and smell the coffee. Computers are here to stay. These morons are going to go the way of the buggy whip if they don’t change thier business . :r
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I claim that Im still poor after I get my certification for IS.:S

Prices have got a bit more realistic in the UK, thanks to people like and (who are probably still in trouble about importing from HK) The UK does get ripped off a lot with other things though, so when stuff is offered for (almost) free I can see why a lot of people take up that offer.

That’s terrible. :frowning: I certainly agree that CD prices are too high, but I don’t believe that this is an excuse to steal them! :r