More broken stuff from SVP

I received my second order from SVP a few days ago but haven’t had time to unpack it till today.

Just like with my first order, a Plextor DVD+R cakebox was busted and again it was a packing fault (all wrapped tight in bubblewrap except the bottoms of the cakeboxes and those unprotected sides were put right to the side of the box. All it needed was a good kick by a handler)

I’m running out of empty cakeboxes to repack the discs I get sent by SVP :frowning:

Worse, there’s a bad nick in the bezel of my Pio 111 :a that I also ordered, and it was entirely wrapped in bubblewrap so it must have happend at SVP before or during packing. It looks ugly and I’ll never be sure there isn’t something not entirely right on the inside. For now at least it works.

Finally, I ordered a 25 pc cakebox of MCC004 Verbies, and received MIJ Yudens instead.

As they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, I guess I only have myself to blame, but it definitely is the last order SVP will get from me.

Any good addresses to order Verbies and Plextor, shipped to Belgium?


Svp will replace those faulty products without any further arguing. Just submit a ticket and it will be sorted fast. (It’s better to sort it there than here :wink: )
About the Verbatims it’s been some months since they put T03 or MCC004 with the disc id with no guarantee which you’ll recieve… and lately i got 300 x T03 & 100 x MCC. I think the T03 are good even if they don’t scan pretty like the MCC/MIT :slight_smile:

They probably handle a large volume of orders - If you saw how quickly they pack those things in their warehosue you would go crazy - with the amount of orders they process - it is your every right to tell those … people to replace your order and be careful not to hurl it across the room before packing :wink:

You should at least complaint to SVP. They take customers complaints seriously.

I’m a long time SVP customer and despite the fact that I had twice the very issue you mention, SVP always found a way to make it up to me, very nicely and swiftly. Since then, they take extra care when packing my orders.

Also I know from experience (as I live in Belgium as well) that the local courrier, DPD, handles the parcels very roughly. A UK company can’t be fully aware of how rough, careless and unprofessional belgian couriers can be. Huge cultural differences. :bigsmile: LOL

The only other UK online shop shipping to Belgium that I know is DigitalPromo. I’ve bought twice from them, the prices are just as good SVP’s and I had no problems, but I can’t vouch for their customer service as I never had to deal with it.

I’m sorry to hear about your stuff from SVP being broken.

I agree with the others that you should contact them and explain what happened, and I’m sure that they will help you sort it out. When I got some broken spindles and media a year ago, they sent me some replacements after I explained the problem.

i agree with you, they should put bubble wrapping around the tops & bottoms aswell

They [I]did[/I] put bubblewrapping at the top and bottom of my package for my very first order from them. Didn’t have any problems with my order.

I didn’t realise that some people here are having problems with SVP’s deliveries. :disagree:

I always thought that SVP had a god-like status around here as I usually see nothing but praise for them in this forum.

Well, I had twice the same issue in as many orders. I agree with Franck, apart from being rude to customers, those guys from DPD are extremely rough handlers.

I also buy stuff from a local internet shop (books/DVDs) and because of the extremely low price let DPD deliver it. I changed my mind pretty quick and now I drive over and pick my stuff up in person.

PS: my Pio 111 does have some issues, I’ll post a scan soon


I have now scanned 3 discs (from the “good” supply of Plextor TY DVD+R’s) written at 8x with the Pioneer DVR111 and they all show the same 2 clusters of PIF at the same positions.

Burning discs from the same stack (I used one from in between the ones I burned on the 111) with my old DVR109 does not show these 2 clusters, which leads me to think the Pio 111 drive is somehow responsible for this.

Is this possible, that a bump against the drive (hit it against something or a medium drop) could cause the drive to behave like this, or is this a known quirk of the Pio 111 perhaps?


If it’s RMA material why waste time on scans? Just get the RMA and move on…

I have 3x 111D’s and they’re flawless :slight_smile:

It didn’t cause trouble but i have had a few tubs that were broken in the bottom even if they were wrapped well. I was worried but no problems whatsoever. Can’t say how many 1000£ i spend @ svp but the few obvious problems i’ve had has been solved immediately to my satisfaction with no argument from svp… and quick replacements too :slight_smile:

i’ve had one order that wasn’t very good at the wrapping up (cracked cakebox), only bubble wrap around the middle of the cakebox, not the tops & bottom, so, i’m in agreeance with this poster :).

but in saying that, there customer services are one of the best i’ve seen :bow:

Saw a programme on TV about packaging (more interesting than it sounds) - the number of times a box is likely to be tumbled, dropped and thrown (even if it DOES say “fragile” and “this way up”) is astonishing.

They also showed a problem with a box for golf clubs, which allowed them to be bent by the weight of other packages if their box ended up bridging and supporting weight in the middle.

On the more serious level, they went up to nuclear waste flasks and biohazard containers - getting 30 foot drops and train crashes.