More Booktyping again....on IHAS424A



I just realized again something I didn’t remember the first time I setup my LiteOn drive and it was to set the drive to booktype to -ROM for all +R media. Now I have to reburn the backups from the source again. What a waste of precious blank media and that includes DL media besides the +R media. I forgot since the previous LiteOn I did the same thing forgetting to change the booktype to -ROM and having to do the job all over again. So if anyone does get a LiteOn don’t forget to change the booktype as well. Just put in a blank DL or +R media and use LiteOn Booktype utility and change the booktype to DVD-ROM. Just so it’s more compatible with standalone players.


Reporting back for some odd reason if I have the force hyper and overburn unchecked it copies correctly but if I have them check it causes coasters. I do know I did it with my previous liteon and didn’t have any problems? I guess I can live without those two settings. And without those checked it correctly burned backup dvd movies. :doh:


Is setting booktype still an issue in year 2010? Are you changing booktype because some DVD players that were manufatured 10 years ago can’t read DVD+R discs?

I do find it annoying that the iHAS424-98 DVD burner can’t change the booktype - but, I haven’t seen a DVD player in at least 5 years that can’t read DVD+R discs.

I just took a DVD+R disc I burned with my iHAS424-98 (booktype=DVD+R) and played it in an APEX AD-1500 DVD player manufactured in 2001.

Am I missing something? Is booktype a relevant issue in 2010?

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Issues only with obsolete and outdated devices, that’s for sure. :wink:


I’ve been able to set the booktype for a an iHAS424-98 B - perhaps this is because it’s the “B” variety ? (manufactured Aug 2010 , firmware GL14) .

I used the old Lite-On Settings Utility that I still had from my good 'ole cross-flashed 412s/812s, burned a few DVD+RW dics , verified they were DVD-ROM booktype afterward (guess it doesn’t matter these days , but I think back to the earlier DVD burning days & just like all of my discs to have the DVD-ROM booktype status).

I find the whole naming of the iHAS424 series to be confusing - the A, B, Y versions…

There doesn’t seem to be firmware for any of these on the Lite On site - I can see if this new drive doesn’t have firmware yet (if the B variety just came out for instance) - but you’d think you’d see firmware downloadable for the older 2009 iHAS424 drives - I know the Y drive is totally diff than the A - so how could you know which firmware to download if were avail on the official Lite-On site ? (it would have to denote the diff versions of the drive)

I miss the old days, Omni Patcher, creating custom firmwares …

All of the activity on this board…

I think I will give the new drive to a friend and get something else. Have to research to find a current drive that has a good following (custom ROM patching, updates etc.).

After the classic Litey’s and a BenQ 1640 - I miss those old drives, hope I can find a new SATA equiv…


Check out the BenQ section, they leaved the optical biz a while ago.


[QUOTE=chef;2555732]Check out the BenQ section, they leaved the optical biz a while ago.[/QUOTE]
I did, dissapointing to see the BenQ drives vanish :frowning: