More audio CD burning copy protection being developed

I just posted the article More audio CD burning copy protection being developed.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us "Let"s see…first, we"ll raise the price of legally purchased downloaded music to more than what it costs you to buy it in the store…

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“Well, don’t candy coat it, tell us how you feel.” LOL! :wink:

Its getting to the point where games are becomming just as bad as today’s music. Go ahead and copy protect all the garbage.

I don’t care. Copy protect it. We’ll crack it. In the end, the losers are the one’s that didn’t trust their consumers. We always find a way to “get our rights back”.

There just digging there own grave :slight_smile:

Are we so addicted to buying music that we just really can’t live without buying it, even for 1 month? I think we should all band together and boycott the industry all together until they officially release a statement that they will no longer utilize copy protections.

If there’s a digital output on CD player, all is possible :). So why to do anything to protect… I just don’t understand that!

^ He’s right, and i have been trying to get them to come my way for years. Sooner or later, they will have no choice :X owner,

being a trance and house lover. i am totally removed from all the BS that RIAA affiliates are pumping out these days. can someone tell my, WHO actually buys the shite thats being sold to the masses? and i agree with the poster above. go ahead and copy-protect this crap… it will be cracked within and houur. and dont forget the everpresent analog hole… :X

lol, more DRMage. A hopeless cause, but you gotta admire the fight they put up. Independent artists will do anything to be heard while the majors do anything to try to leverage their cushy monopolies, consumer rights be damned. And we support them? There’s a world of music out there with no protection (and getting almost no attention) out there, waiting to be heard and supported. Turn off your TVs and radios, people…you won’t find them there. If you want to find it, you best get off your sacks.

Euhm, why are we paying extra on blank media again?