More and more HDMI Connections in PC Market



I just posted the article More and more HDMI Connections in PC Market.

According to a press release published at PRNewswire, HDMI connections are rapidly diffusing into the PC market. There are already more than 50 HDMI PC products currently available, including nearly…

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Give me good old DVI! I work in retail, and all I ever hear from the home theatre customers is that their HDMI drops out, there are connection problems, signal loss, etc. HDMI is crap for the consumer. This is a spec that should never have been allowed to be released. Too many problems period.


Yeah. We don’t really NEED HDMI. Unless it’s 1.3 :P. Other than that. We just Decrypt it all, and play our backups instead. Those works fine on DVI.


The HDMI format isn’t inherently all that bad- it’s just poorly implemented by most consumer electronics firms. I just wish either HDMI or DVI would win out completely and help interoperability.