More Americans staying home to watch their movies on DVD



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 I don't know  about you, but even though in my town a new movie theater opened  up, with plush stadium seating, state of the art sound, wide aisles - and even  Orville...
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Well this is hardly an earth-shattering revelation is it ? Given the endless bombardment of mindless junk that spews out of cinemas together with the extortionist price for in-cinema food, its not hard to see why people are slowly avoiding cinemas and opting for DVD viewing at home. I would also say that DVD boxed sets of TV shows (preferably older ones) are the biggest selling DVD releases since they offer great value and quality viewing unlike most of the cheesy & braindead rubbish that passes for “entertainment” today.


If there was anything worth watching, i for one would go to the cinema more. But with the sh-t they’re pumping out and the small fortune they charge to see it, why the hell would anyone want to bother. I don’t have a home cinema system, but i’d still rather watch an old DVD than go to the movies. True, some films are GREAT on a big screen with a big-ass sound-system, but WHERE ARE THEY NOWADAYS?


after i read your post i went to and ordered all my favourite TV shows at once and no shit :g :S i mean good tv shows especially comedies have much more replay value than any movie they really are worth the money


home theater systems plus HD makes for theaters doom, butlike ive been saying id rather getthe dvd at times then go to theaters, soda’s expesnive, popcorns expensive, and overall way to expensive. plus, at home, u can pause if a phone goes off, and no yelling at the screen


save up for a nice digital cam and make your own adventures! This message was brought to you by the Creative Motion Picture Association of Earth (CMPAE).


I actually did buy a crappy 8mm video camera off of ebay a while back to do just that, but then i realised that- 1- i don’t have many friends 2- none of them can act 3- i can’t act 4- the battery on the cam doesn’t work 5- i can’t be arsed. Wish i’d discovered the above before buying some tape tho!:g


I don’t see how this is NEWS. Or more to the point, I don’t see why the industry is suprised by this phenomenon. If you look in the sunday ad’s you’ll see a pretty good, or ok, surround sound system starting at around ~$500 bucks. Add that to a decent TV and why deal with the theater at all. Besided seeing the most recent releases, I don’t see a point of waiting in line, paying at least $9 bucks for a ticket, then maybe $10 bucks for some popcorn and a coke, or just $3 bucks for a bottle of water. You get in, wait through at least 20 minutes of previews, while the moron in the row behind you kicks your chair every 3 minutes. I still go through all that to see a movie once in a while, like Crash for example. Great movie, just released, picked up some friends, saw it in a theater. But more and more we look for something at Netflix and choose to watch that instead of dealing with the theater folks.