More advanced Menu/etc. options in Nero?



I’ve been using Nero to author a few basic video DVDs for my grandparents containing home movies accumulated from the camcorders from various family members.

Generally, I find Nero does an acceptable job, but there are some things I’ve been meaning to ask in here for a while. I’m assuming the answer as a negative, because you’d think the options would be apparent in Nero itself, but I would like to know for sure.

Does the Nero DVD authoring software support creating anything other than basic “title selection” menu screens? For example, if I wanted a sub-menu that could select between various audio or subtitle tracks on the same title… stuff like that.

Also, right now, on the final DVD, the different titles run into eachother as if they’re one video. For example, if there are 5 titles on the disc total, and I choose to the second from the menu, once it’s finished playing I’d prefer it go back to the menu so I can choose another, but it just runs straight into three. Is there any way to set that up in Nero?

Also, if Nero can’t do these things… could anyone recommend a good piece of software that does?


[I]“that could select between various audio or subtitle tracks on the same title”[/I]
I don’t think so. You might be able to burn different versions of the track and add them as chapters.

Menu Naviagation is changed under the MORE button when you are in the “Select Menu” window.