More about Microsoft's Corona (Windows Media)

I just posted the article More about Microsoft’s Corona (Windows Media).

Okay, most of you seem not to like Microsoft, and sometimes their marketing methods are a little unkind to others, to say it nicely, but they did bring us some technologies we use…

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With a research department as big as theirs with the budget as big as theirs they can take over any sector of the market they want to. If someone develops it before them they can buy them out. Therefore the term MONOPOLY! No matter what happens, they can do what they want. Especially as they’ll incorporate it into windows itself in either a Service pack or Windows 2004.

Hey, its alright! We will wait until they develop something good that we can use, then we will crack it and get it for free! They are offering everything to us on a platter!

so we will be able to rip a DVD Audio 6 channel dvd & make an mp3 type of file for sharing - wow - cool.