More 716A woes!

Hadn’t used the drive for a while, started using it again today and I keep getting coasters with buffer underruns!

But BURNproof is enabled!!!

I guess it’s back to the RMA-roulette again :frowning:

I really hope they have managed to iron out the hardware problems by now…!!!

dont give up so fast ,check if dma is enabled,make sure you got the latest firmware,check for updates of the burning software and also try another one

does this happen only with certain dvd media brand? have you tried diffrent ones?

The problem is I have been through this so many times; DMA is enabled, I have the latest firmware, but downgraded back to 1.06 because 1.07 and 1.08 produced such bad burns, but even with 1.06 the drive has lost it totally - I’m getting errors into the 500-range from the same Verbatim stock I was previously getting sub-20s from with a previous RMA (But that had the evil Tray vibe problem), and with CDR’s failing to be burned and even having underruns (Using TDK, Ridisk and some crap no-name stuff that I got from Maplins).

My 4x Mitsumi produced better quality burns (And in fact, produced working burns!) than this thing currently does, so I can only assume the drive is faulty.

I must admit that I am getting rather weary of all of this. I’m definitely considering like, an LG or another LiteOn or maybe even a BenQ right now and just cutting my losses with the 716, but I would have to waste lots of time doing even more research into finding which ones is best. Then again the reviews and stuff I was researching were what lead me to get a 716, so even those I’ll have to be careful with…!

I suspect it is really a build quality issue; Someone mentioned they were appalled with the construction quality of the 716, and the fact that it seems to keep deteriorating on me does not bode well - this current drive was okay when I got it as an RMA replacement; Error rates and readability of CDR/RWs was rather mediocre, but within limits.
Now the DVD quality has dropped markedly and the CDR/RW support is practically non-existant!

sigh Anyway, wish me luck on the RMA…! :wink: