Mooooo Encryption



The CSC Project is over. On 16 January 2000, shortly before 0630 GMT, we
received the winning key (00438EF36FE3FC21 for you tech junkies) from a
Sparc in the United States.

I borrowed this from My question is: When they have this key (00438EF36FE3FC21), can you open any CSC encrypted file? Or that file the only one?


euhm no idea :wink:


Well, im gonna find out…
If it will be the last thing i do,
im gonna find out :wink:


hmm let us know id it works


MOOOOOOOOOO my milk tastes like a cd!!!


Ehh, mmkay


Ok that was a funny tasting glass of milk. I know how a cd tastes, I bit down on one when I had a few too drinks one night and it has a plasticy kind of taste


Actually my cows milk tastes like sp*rm… :wink:
No just kidding…


ehh, That reminds of that movie Kingpin, when the guy is coming across the yard and says he milked the cow, and the old amish dude says that wasnt a cow

: )


Yeah, i know…
Cloaky where do you come from?


I live in FLorida in the united states. But where i live is out in the country and my roommates parents have about 30 chickens and 9 turkeys along with 7 dogs outside.

It gets to be a zoo from time to time.

But i like the smell of burning cd’s…