MOO3 won´t work



Hi there!

I read about CloneCD, downloaded it and tested it on Master Of Orion 3 (play disc) to see how it works… but it didn´t :frowning:

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong or have to use for setting??




could you start telling us WHAT you exactly did (and what hardware you have)? :wink:


Okidoki :wink:

In short:
I have a NEC 3520
I use CCD 5.1

And i pressed “copy cd”
with “Protected PC game” selected :wink:

I just used default settings…
Will that help you? :frowning:


It won’t work as it’s protected by SecuROM 4.8+ check out this tutorial CloneCD: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games. In case you’ll need a BWA file you’ll get one here, good luck.