Monty Python making a comeback

US only as of now…


Need different link-I aint signin up nowheres.

Hm, weird, it was working this morning…

Well here’s another one found with some brief Googling:

Excellent. thenx for the new link. Too bad I thought they were making new movie or something. Let me know how it is because I like totally took my TV and smashed it on some fucking pigs face and now I don’t have a TV.

Wohoo! Python is always good!

It’s not quite a comeback. More a clip show with some new stuff thrown in. But i’ll take it.

I wonder if they will all appear on screen at the same time???

Python is great! I just got the collector’s edition of Holy Grail.
I hope they include the parrot sketch and spam.
Ne! Ne! Ne!

whens this gonna come to our screens then?