Monster House

I have Any DVD and Clone DVD 2 both are the latest versions. I am trying to make a back up of the DVD Monster House that I own and clone DVD 2 wont back it up. Any one else having this problem?

Was able to solve the back up issue with this movie by using the copy DVD Title option in clone DVD 2 and deselecting chapter 22 wich seems to be the DVD menu. The back up plays the movie minus the DVD menu. I tried to scan that chapter for errors but clone dvd 2 was unable to fix it. Anyways the backup is working so problem solved. :bigsmile:

Good on you for taking the initiative! Nice…

Thanks for the kind words!

Please be so kind to send us the .ifo files of the original disc (with AnyDVD deactivated). This will help me to support such DVDs better in the future.
Thank you!

Ok Ill send them. Where and how do I send the IFO files? Thanks. Please be detailed in how to extract the files and how you want them sent.

This link will tell you how.

Thanks…Sent off the IFO’s today. These problems were encountered under version and the latest version has corrected this problem. :slight_smile:

Many thanks to Zycore and James of Slysoft. :smiley:

Nice one. Good job zycore and Slysoft!

I would like to thank everyone on these forums and Slysoft for being helpful, Friendly, and Mature. Thank you all!

uh i know it doesnt matter anymore but i was able to copy this movie a long time ago lol when it came out using anydvd and clonedvd2 its a R1 the only thing i noticed is after the credits it plays the enitre movie again but it worked flawlessly the first time…

i was able to make a back up of monster house last week using anydvd with 1click dvd

The latest version of Any dvd and clone dvd 2 backs up this movie. Just to keep everyone up to date.

hi guys,try this it should solve all your problems,it worked a treat for me,Magic DVD Copier 4.3.4,let me know how you get on,merry xmas to all :slight_smile: