Monster house

unable to copy because of error code.

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Can you give more details? What error did you get exactly? What softwares are you using?

To help others to help you, a few more details would be great:

What software are you using (DVDFab Decrypter, or Gold or Platinum)?
What version of the software are you using?
What’s the exact error code you’re getting?

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dvdfabgold current release with vso burning engine

What is the error exactly?

task_1failed!error=400(100 0 42 160)


Can you explain better please? Do you get this error during the ripping or during the burn?

If it’s during the burn, what discs are you using?

during the ripping

the error code came up during the ripping process.

Have you checked if the disc is dirty or scratched? Try to clean it.

What drive are you using to do the ripping? Can you try to use a different drive?

i will clean the disc and try again. will get back to you.

Why people still asking if ERROR 400 is coming from READING or WRITING process?.. I’m sorry to say but it’s beyond me. Of course it’s a “generic” transcoding error during reading access. What does it all mean in further details?.. I think it could be further explained and developed by Fengtao himself, who else?..


Maybe because it’s the first time I see this error :wink:

For what it is worth, I tried to copy this dvd last night and got a box that said "error while reading/please shoose what to do. Then retry, abort, retry and ignore all I think. This is with dvdfab Platinum

I then tried using anydvd and dvd shrink and shrink would give me a invalid dvd structure error.

I then downloaded and installed and it copied fine.

I am not copying to a DVD, but to the hard drive.

I got the same error while doing the full disc mode…

[B] Task_1 failed! Error=400(39 7 22 1 202 398 260)[/B]

i retried it using main movie only and it worked, only failed when trying full-disc mode only… i am using dvdfab decrypter

first time i have ever seen this error

I used clonedvd2 and anydvd and I had no problems with Monster House. The only problem that i’ve had in the 2 years i’ve been burning that I could not figure out is with the movie “Little Man” I have tried dvdfab decrypter,dvd decrypter, clonedvd2 w/anydvd, dvd shrink and nothing works. Someone told me that Sony just put out new protections on their disc.

I just read this same post in the AnyDVD forum, please read the rules and do not crosspost. Thankyou.

Getting same error 400 as above. I just did Main Movie and it worked also. I’m running on a Sony 810A.

Not 1 issue using my 1ClickDVD Copy and AnyDVD latest versions. Backing up mine! :iagree:
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