Monster Home Theater Installation Kit Component Video and Speaker Cable-MCM Cables-

MCM Cables $27.59
Use “source” codes S611 (20% off) and NC602 (5% off) + $7.95 ground shipping, free ship if over $30.
Even though I dislike the Monster Cable world domination plan, I believe this is a good deal. You may be able to do as well at Monoprice, but then it would not be
“THE MONSTER TOTALLY RULZ CUZ THEY COST SO MUCH” feeling when your friends came over. :slight_smile:


2 X 20’ Front speaker cables

1 X 10’ Front Center speaker cables

2 X 35’ Left and Right Surround speaker cables

1 X 8’ Component Video cable

1 X 20’ subwoofer cable and adapters for Kenwood and Sony Dream HTIB systems

wow. makes me wish i was buying my home system now instead of late next year. thanks for the notice on this stuff. nice.


Now this is one hella [I]great[/I] deal for someone living in a dorm, apartment or setting up in a smaller room-eh!