Monster announces new HDMI cable



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Monster Cable introduces a new line of speed rated HDMI cables for the Canadian market. The cables were revealed back in 2007 and will now come in four versions. Every version suits different…

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For the budget-conscious there’s HDMI cables from For those that care about quality there’s HDMI cables from For those that are having trouble storing cash and need to unload some of it, there’s monster HDMI cables.
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Over priced cables if you ask me. Example: 10 Feet of Monster 14 Gauge Speaker wire 10$ 50 Feet of Lowes 14G $10 Monster Cable should be renamed, "Sucker born everyday cable!’ :d


Ooohhh, ULTRA HIGH SPEED! What a farce. :r


totally agree with all of the above,try a budget HDMI cable costing a few £ or $,then try one costing a fortune(MONSTERPRICED CABLE)i can assure you there is no difference in quality what so ever.DIGITAL IS DIGITAL…thats it.


You took the post right out of my mouth…so to speak. :slight_smile: “Digital is digital” is a fact, and no rip-off HDMI can improve on the quality. I once asked a BB salesperson why I should spend $99 on a “hi-def” Monster hdmi rather than less than $10 for a comparable one online. He said…and I paraphrase…“because cheap cables wear out…Monsters are made to last.” Gotta love it!! :+


I would love to see a true consumer’s report done on this just have an official say on the matter.


We all already know that major retailers buy these cables at a nice bulk discount & then jack them up to a premium. The only thing I can say about these cables is that they look nice, but performance wise, I fail to see any difference between these & the nice HDMI cable that came with my Oppo DVD Player.


I have to write a reply to balance the negative remarks here. :slight_smile: It is obviously true that if you have a cheap HDMI cable that works, you don’t have to go for a more expensive one. These cables are certified to also work on future extension (BR profile 2.0/3.0/…). Suppose you want to transfer images at 120Hz and 12+bit color per channel, you will need a cable that can handle the bandwidth. Perhaps a cheap cable is enough for that, but if I am embedding cables in the walls of a house I am building, I prefer to be certain. Agreed, I doubt if this ‘safety’ will ever be needed, and I doubt if it warrants the price premium.


Yes’ you don’t need a high end cable. Popular Mechanics even had a test on this. It’s just another way for stores like Best Buy to make up the money they lost on that High Def TV they sold you. What you did not get that warranty, How is BB going to make any money.


Pete, what edition was that in?


“…but if I am embedding cables in the walls of a house I am building, I prefer to be certain.” If you’re doing that, be smart and run conduit so you can easily replace the cables. That’ll not only allow you to upgrade your HDMI cables to HDMI 5.0 Super Version, but also to a completely different cable should something else replace HDMI in 30 years.