Just curious if there are any Canadians out there that have purchased items from Monoprice as there seems to be lack of input with the online retailers poll. I am just curious to know what kind of brokerage fees you paid for bring the product across the line?


Although I am in US but based on my own experience I can say “Monoprice” is excellent outfit to deal with. They are reliable, and provide you top quality products at the lowest price possible.

Good quality at a great price. I recommend them to all my friends. Monster Thieves can bite me!

Thanks for the input guys, Just really curious on how much one is going to be dinged on brokerage fees.

I guess I’ll email them and find out if they have an idea.


Great unbelivable prices and quality.

I order a 25’ SVGA/SVGA two days ago from monoprice unbelievably cheep and received today. So you can’t ask for chapter price and better service.

Since I found out about Monoprice I’ve ordered cables and assorted items from them and even the wall mount for my flat screen tv. Saved money and always ship the next day so I have my orders fast. I will buy from them first since they have items I need or want.

They Rock in my Book…