Mono to stereo

ok, I have some DVD’s that are onboard camera footage from a Formula Mazda. The audio was taken with just a simple microphone. I have no control over the output DVD that I am given, but when I get them they only play sound out of the right channel. I would like to make copies of the DVD’s that play the mono sound on both the left and right channels. How would I go about doing this. Thanks.

Well if your audio is wav you can load it into audacity, or your favorite audio editor, create a right channel, copy from left to right, and merge together as a stereo track, as for playing it back without, converting it, I don’t think that will be possible.

Yeah to prevent the audio from being in 1 channel, you need to convert the wav…cooledit and many apps will do it.

I believe Nero will even do it, since CDDA is 16bit 2 channel 44100, I think Nero may resample it? I always use editors and mixing apps to do it…if you have (or find) say Cooledit just use the convert option = simple.

Of course to do this the audio must be seperated from the video, corrected and remerged…check out for tools

Ok, so technically the audio is “stereo” however no sound plays from the left channel. I used Cooledit, to extract the audio from the VOB file, and then merged it down to mono, and saved it. So no I have a mono Wave file that plays exactly how I want it, and I still have the VOB file. How do I get that WAV file inserted into the VOB? And then won’t I have to audio tracks in the vob, the original stereo one with engine sound coming from only the right channel, and then the mono track that plays how I want?