Monkees reunite for 2011 tour



Well guy’s the MONKEES are back[ after 10 years] and,
are touring this year. So my question is? Even without NESMITH
joining the tour, do they still rock? , or are they dinosaurs
who should be put out to pasture?


LOL!!! Just look at the Rolling Stones they have been around since the beginning of time
or at least it seems like it anyway and they still rock so no the Monkeys are not dinosaurs
and should not be put out to pasture anytime soon because they still rock too. :bow: :bow:


For a group that was put together by Hollywood for a TV series they did play some good songs for the time. A couple of which are still good to hear occasionally.
I probably wouldn’t go to one of their concerts .
Since Mike Nesmith deserted them when his mother made a fortune it wouldn’t be the same anyway. Reruns of their show are enough Monkees for me.
I do think the three still performing should take Mike Nesmith for a one way boat ride that ends with an “accidental” drowning . Then they could do a “tribute” tour.
I think the Rolling Stones charge too much for their concerts so I have never seen them perform in concert.
I’ve seen a lot of concerts though & even drove for one of ZZTops at a concert here.
Each rode in their own rented car with their girlfriend/wife. I drove the drummer Frank Beard . I can’t say he had much personality ; but I was only a hired driver so I didn’t expect to become his best friend.