Monitoring Software/Advance System Log

I’m Looking something to install on Company Laptops which could log/monitor data on PC, I’m talking about software able to log any date sended from PC 2 internet, data burned on DVD or transfered 2 local network, even USB pendrive/drive. And it must be legal :slight_smile:

And if u have any ideas how too secure secude data on PC’s pm me.


Don’t hire people you don’t trust

[QUOTE=rolling56;1934089]Don’t hire people you don’t trust[/QUOTE]

~70% of stolen data from companies databases was stolen by company workers.

So pls dont talk about trust…

just help :stuck_out_tongue:

Well wouldn’t the apps that adults use to see what their children are doing work? I don’t know of any off hand though.

You would have to look into the laws in your country to see if they are legal or not.