This problem has been with me for a while already…

My monitor goes yellow, it comes and goes sometimes staying long…sometimes short. The thing is I’m already frustrated with it. I wrote to my computer manufacturer and they told me to move the dagauss function on my monitor…I followed the steps they told me to follow and like the main option is not there, I wrote again and they wrote so bad I didn’t even bother with it…I didn’t even see the word “monitor” in there. Some people have told me it could be the video card…but some people say they doubt it. I have about a year with my comp, I doubt it’s the monitor itself but who knows…Any help? Thanks :slight_smile:

Could either be the cable that is not connected properly (try jiggling it and see if the screen flickers/shimmers).

If the cable is connected properly it is most likely something inside the monitor and you should return it to the shop/manufacturer if it is in warranty still, else you should write it off.