Monitor wont work with 64 Bit XP

I hooked up an IC Powerhouse 19" LCD monitor to my dual boot PC. It works fine with Vista Ultimate 64 Bit. When booting to XP Pro 64 Bit, it goes as far as the XP boot screen and then when it blinks to what should be the desk top, it stays black and a window appears saying no support. In safe mode, it works fine. This is a new one on me. My video card is a 256MB ATI Radeon 9550. CPU is 3700+ 64X2 with 4GB RAM. I am using two HDD’s, one for each OS. My other monitors all work fine, both CRT and LCD. This is weird. Any ideas?

Yep. Its getting an invalid signal from the graphics card (usually wrong frequency)

When booting into XP64 keep tapping F8 on the keyboard (same as going to safe mode). When the menu appears there is an option to enable VGA mode. This will boot into normal windows but with a default 640x480 resolution and no display driver loaded (uses the default one from MS). You can then change the monitor driver to the correct one and then change desktop size and frequency to fix the problem.

You are absolutely correct. I booted into safe mode and tried messing with resolution etc. The monitor was not even listed in the device manager. Under advanced settings, the monitor properties was greyed out. So I left this post and went to work. When I got home I turned on the PC and instead of booting directly into safe mode, I did what I rarely do. I read the menu and saw the option for VGA. I figured that was it, so I hit it and everything was fine. I wish I could have seen your reply before I left. I kept thinking about this all afternoon at work. Thanks for the reply and confirming what I figured out. I feel like a retard.

We all have eureka moments long after we needed them.:bigsmile:
I think that some times we look for a complex solution instead of the one staring us in the face.:o