Monitor/video card driver troubles

say can any one out there help me with this? My monitor is not showing the colors right NO BLUE and playing games is crazy! Green and blue look alike. Is it the monitor or the video card? How do I find out what video card is in the computer? I’m using windows XP. Hope someone can help me. Thanks:rolleyes: nw

Hi nw:

Download and run the belarc Advisor. It will tell you many things about what’s in your computer. Then, post back the information related to your problem (as we have no idea from your post what your equipment is).

say jeff, I downloaded that program and got this 5 page report now what part of the infro is the video card?

If the only display problem is lack of a single color, then cable, monitor, or video card (from most to least likely).

try a different cable, monitor. if u have a 2nd rig, try the cable and monitor from the rig u are having problems on, and see what you get

I saw similar with a bent connector of the monitor cable, so checking the cable and its connectors is a good idea.