Monitor / USB mouse problem

Hello. My monitor goes blank for less then a second and comes back. It happens usually during scrolling internet sites. The thing can not happen for a day , and can happen 5 times per minute. The other thing ,my Intellimouse Explorer mouse also stops responding sometimes (after a day or so of being turned on ) ,the red light on it goes blank,and until I reboot the system,nothing helps (removing and putting it back doesn’t help). Any suggestions ? :bow:
My system is AMD 1800+ ASUS A7V266 MB , 512Mb DDR2100 ram, Audigy ,WD80Gb 8MB SE,Geforce 2PRO running 56.72 Forceware form asus, WinXP PRO SP1 with all available updates …

Update your USB, Video and mouse drivers.

Did it.No effect at all.