Monitor turns on/off, won't give picture at all

I have a monitor for about 3 years now and didn’t have problems, nor signs of possible dieing screen. Today I’ve turned on the computer booted in to Windows and spent about 1-2 hours, checking mails and surfing then left the computer there, doing nothing for about 20 minutes.

The picture turned black all of the sudden, the monitor light in “No signal” color then into “Signal” then off, then comes back with “signal” color goes into “No signal” etc. It would not stop but, it didn’t write the “No signal” message out as usual, only the light was changing, and when turning off gave a very slight puk sound (which it stopped doing ever since, but did it for like 2 hours at every turn off).

In the mean time the computer was working. I’ve restarted but nothing happened, the screen went on with its odd new routine and the computer seem to be loading up normally only without a screen or picture. I’ve replaced the power cable of the screen, tried a different VGA connection, then replaced DVI cable, eventually put it on the laptop as second screen (through a VGA cable).

When I’ve replaced the power cable it stopped going from off to on but stayed at “no signal”, I’ve plugged in the laptop and tried to put it out on the monitor, which reacted, did a slightly viewable light blink in the top part of the screen then went into no signal then blinked again then back until the laptop gave up trying and switch back to it’s own screen. The screen returned to no signal. :sad::confused:

I’ve took it apart now, but cannot find anything damaged inside, I’ve looked for damaged capacitors in the PSU of the screen, but they all seem fine. I wonder what could have happened, anybody has an idea what to check to see what’s wrong?

I’d love to fix my screen since I like it a lot, and I don’t really have money for a new one. Please help fix this (figure out what happened).

Ps.: the screen brand and type is in my signature.

I take back that it stays in “no signal” if no data cable is connected, today I tested it again and it keeps going in a circle of on-off. The new thing is that it seems to blink in light gray before turning off. I could only see this while holding it in my lap, against light it was not viewable, and it still makes a very silent puck sound when turning off.


please connect the monitor to another computer and see if there is the same issue.

Many monitors come with 3yrs warranty. You may check if this is the case with your device also.


Thanks for answering!

The only computer around is mine and the laptop I’m on now. I’ve tried with the laptop too and it won’t give picture from that either (however the laptop won’t put the picture back on it’s own display if I unplug the screen, nor does it get bored of trying to put the video sign out to the screen unsuccessfully). Sadly this monitor came with 2 years of warranty so I calmly took it apart last night (I better be more careful next time, and purchase a screen with longer warranty time).

Other idea? :frowning: :confused:

[QUOTE=Taru;2298110]Other idea? :frowning: :confused:[/QUOTE]Unfortunately not. Maybe asking a local TV repair shop?


Make sure all connections are good though first, try to borrow someone else’s monitor and connect it to your PC, to eliminate the connection as the source of the problem before you have it repaired.

Maybe asking a local TV repair shop?

Or a PC Monitor repair shop.
I have had two which were frazzled by lightning and were repaired.
One has been working for two more years and the other about a year, so they can be repaired, (where I am inexpensively.)

I would check another monitor on your PC before repair. The on-off cycle could be a re-test function and your GPU-board gives bad sync signal or something. That’s very unlikely. But I think I once saw something like that. A monitor that did that unconnected to video. I would borrow a monitor for a minute and test it first. Do you remember if your monitor ever did that disconnected from video when it was new?

Yesterday I’ve bought a new monitor since I could get anywhere with the old one. This one works since yesterday, didn’t turn off, same cables, same computer, same setting.

Now I just really loved to know what happened with the old one, the previous screen I had /the one before the one that stopped working/ lasted for 10 years and I bought that as a used one, they said it was about 10 years old then /it was a CRT/.