Monitor Resolution

I apologize for posting this poll here, but the NEC forum is the busiest forum and the best place to get a large sample for a poll.

My question is - What is the resolution setting of your computer monitor?

1024X768 color 32 bpp…monitor listed in my sig.

1280x1024 32bit on my 19" TFT

@Bob Shem
You left out what I use as a choice, my laptop’s native LCD resolution:


1152 x 864 @ 32 bit

My eyes just aren’t good enough for higher…

I also use 1152 x 832 @ 32 =) 19" CRT =P

1280 x 1024 32bit @ 85Hz is the recommended resolution, and I use it! :slight_smile:

Mine’s the NEC/MITSUBISHI FE991SB-BK 19" SuperBright Diamondtron CRT Monitor. Best Monitor I’ve ever used! :slight_smile:

Samsung SyncMaster 950p+ @ 1152 x 864, 100HZ, 32bit

300x200 /joke.


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Good way to wear out your mouse with all that scrolling required… :wink:

1280x1024 16bit/32bit Landscape/Portrait it depends what I’m doing.

KDS VS 21e here at work where I saw this poll. I’m doing 1600X1200 @ 85 Hz 32bit

Wheres the option for 640X480??? I’m still on 800X600 and its just fine with me.

Samsung SyncMaster 950p @ 1600X1200, and the same on my Dell laptop.

(old) Sony G400 19" @ 1024x768 32bit - primary use

For image editing -> 1280x960

1280x960 on a 21" flat CRT (Samsung 1100DF) :cool:

Using 1280x1024 on two monitors, 1280x960 on a third. I would run 1280x960 on all three if it had better support. I voted 1280x1024.

1280x1024 on two tft monitors

No reason to pest the forum. :cop:
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1280*1024 both at work and at home.