Monitor refresh rate? HELP!



I’ve got a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra with the nVidia Riva TNT2 drivers and a Daewoo 518B monitor with the standard windows98SE drivers. Now I’ve got this problem… at a windows-resolution of 1152x768x32 I can’t change the monitor refresh rate any higher than 60 Hz! What’s wrong? Does anybody know what to do? Please help! Thank you…


Basically Windows does not think it is safe to go beyond that refresh rate at that resolution. If you think it can go higher, go to the makers website to see if there is a driver for the monitor, then update your monitor setting using ‘Have Disk’ and point to the new driver, or download PowerStrip and see what it will let you do. It increased the refresh rate of my IBM (spit) monitor. Be careful not to go too far however, I’ve blown up a 15 inch and a 17 inch monitor of my own.


You should check the monitor’s specifications first, most monitors can’t display a 1152x768x32 resolution higher than 60Hz refresh rate. Only profesional monitors can do that, be careful not to damage your monitor


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Go to :
and download HZ Tool. This tool let’s you change the refresh rates on all resolution. Works great.

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around 75hz is a good rate, but if you want higher refresh, you gotta lower the resolution a bit. try at 800x600 and you should be able to go up to 120hz +.


Try powerstrip!!!