Monitor purchase




I know that it is for “cd freaks” lol but I had a question about monitor purchase. Usually its good to play games at the native resolution of the monitor because they look more ‘crisp’. 1680x1050 requires more power from the gfx card so I was looking in to 1440x900. Which one do you think I should get, plz list the pros and cons, thank you. My pc specs:

q6600 2.4ghz


4gb ram

750gb hd

vista ultimate


Like most things, it helps to know what your budget is for a monitor. As for getting a monitor with a lower native resolution to fit a video card you currently own, I wouldn’t do it. A monitor is something that is normally kept for years and there are plenty of video cards that can handle 1680x1050 just fine for a low, low price. Also, video cards are like most computer items in that you can constantly get more capability for a cheap price. I would get the best and biggest monitor you can afford and let the video card issues, if you even have any, work themselves out over time.

As for monitors there are many to choose from and the prices are falling fast for them. I saw a 28" monitor at Newegg the other day for well under $400. You can get 24" monitors there for well under $300. I got an Envision 22" right before Thanksgiving for $145 shipped to my door. It works great. Shop around and you will find some really good deals on quality LCD monitors.


There are great deals on Samsungs if you are in the USA. I have 3 in my house , all of them 23" and bigger and not 1 dead pixel in any of them. I recently bought a 23" HDMI Samsung at Costco for 259.00. 60 day no questions asked return policy.:wink:


I have no budget limits but I prefer 20.1" because its “reasonable” as opposed to 28" lol. I asked this monitor question because I have dell and I dont plan on upgrading any time soon lol because of the hassle of buying a new psu and then a gfx card. Btw, do you guys think that I’ll be able to play crysis “high” at 1680x1050?


First of all if you have A Dell, upgrading to a really good video card will be very hard. Most Dell computer only come with a max of 430W PSU. The new HD 4850 Video Cards use alot of that wattage. Most aftermarket PSUs wont fit in a Dell, so just be careful when choosing a video card, make sure your PSU can handle it.


Thanks. That is why I dont wanna mess around with 1920x1200 or whatever because that’ll be putting load on my gfx for nothing. You can get a 550W BTX psu for like $90 and then you have to buy a powerful card since you cant sli but I am not worried about that at this point in time since I dont plan on upgrading. Just wanted to get the right monitor which will not make my life miserable in terms of gaming. I am very interested in 1440x900 19" Widescreen. What do you guys think of it?


Personally, I’d go with a 20" or 22" @ 1680x1050. You aren’t likely to notice much difference between these and the 19". It mainly boils down to price and possibly desktop space.


Office Depo generally not the cheapest place for computer related stuff has a selection of half a dozen different LCD monitors,
Samsung and ACER from 18.5-22" all for <$200

I think you could actually get a 22" Samsung for $189 though don’t quote me on that.

The general idea is to get the best monitor you can afford…