Monitor problem



i have got NEC FE700 monitor, it is out of order now a days. can anybody tell me that why my monitor’s Screen goes shrinked horizontally and how it could be repaired.
kindly give me tips and solution


It appears that the line output stage is running under powered.
It could be a number of faults, it depends what skills you have and I would advise against attempting a repair due to the high voltages associated with the circuitry.
If the line output transformer is on the way out you probably won’t be able to get a replacement.
Take it to a reputable repair shop and have them look at it.


Thanks Dear for Answering me about my question of monitor problem
Bundle of thanks
I m zeeshan and I am an electronics technician. I did tried your answer that Line output is underpowered and believe me the problem found, the Line output stage was really underpowered. Now Monitor is functional and please accept my thanks
God Bless YOU Dear.


Glad you were able to fix it. It is difficult to give advice about repairing items when there are lethal voltages present and the skill set of person attempting the repair is unknown