Monitor Not Showing Picture All Of A Sudden

Bought a 2nd hand 21" Samsung SyncMaster 21GLs 7 months ago and finished playing Never Winter Nights for the evening, turned PC off, went to bed. Woke up turned PC on, hmmm, no picture…

Screen sort of works, (degaussing etc), just no picture. Everything is connected correctly, contrast/brightness is set correctly, has power, just no picture.

Please help, going from 21" to old 17" is killing me! :wink:

I imagine the VGA-cable is integrated so you cant switch it for a new one? Make sure the end going into the monitor isn’t loose, try wiggeling it about a little. You’ve probably done all that but it’s the best advice I can give you.

You might also try blowing out the connector with compressed air and then contact cleaner, but the prognosis is not good. No warranty?

The VGA cable isnt integrated, I just dont have a spare cable.
And there is no warranty as it is 2nd hand.

Hmm, maybe Ill see if it can be reconditioned…

Thanks anyway.

Make sure that your graphic card is fitted completely in the AGP slot.

It can happen that the graphic card gets loose during time.
Just ½mm, very difficult to recognise but enough for no contact.

Andy :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. I dont think its my graphics card as my 17" is working fine. I took it in for repairs and Ill post back updates.

Thanks all.