Monitor Important dilemma I have about video capture devices



Here what I got.

I have tons of VHS tape waiting to be Captured. And there’s tons of variety of capture devices available on the market; video card, pci card, USB devices, Firewire devices… you name it.

I’ve been watching around for a while and I can’t make up my mind. What would be best for me and what’s the best device/brand.

  • First. I wanted to wait till the next Radeon x800 AIW to be able doing my captures and have also the hability to watch tv on it and all, but I am a graphic designer, and I work with two monitors. AIW don’t usually support that.

  • USB device. Tons of brand and functions. They usually are USB2 which I still don’t have ATM. I heard some people have trouble to get sharp and clean captures with them… not stable capture.

  • Firewire Device. Same like USB. I do have a Firewire socket tho. Don’t know about the stability of the captures.

  • PCI cards. I’ve been lookin through and there’s some sweet cards like that one:
    Can also capture TV :iagree: . I just don’t know how are the quality of these.

Any of you have experiences with these devices and recommendations?



Well you could always use the AIW for capturing and have a separate PCI card to ouput onto another monitor.

I work with two monitors. AIW don’t usually support that.

Well it sort of does. I’ve done captures with my AIW7500 and I had one monitor hooked up and then it was hooked up to tv via svideo, that’s probably not what you are looking for, so the first solution might be better.


I’m more thinking to get a TV-PVR 350 from Hauppauge. I’ve read the reviews and think it awesome. People who ordered a Leadtek or a TVWonder seems to have lucky results when they don’t stress their machines. My intension is to get also rid of my VCR and start recording TVshows to DVD which is a step for the future for me. It just stink that Hauppage promote TitanTV service in their package, which is NOT available in Canada. Perhaps theres some other free alternative than Titan.