Monitor/ Graphics Card Problem

Hey all, hope you can help me out.

I turned on my computer today and found a mark on my screen. I first thought it was some corrupt graphics but after a bit of a play it dosn’t seem to be that.

I have taken some shots of it to show you better. I used a digital camera as Print Screen dosn’t include the item I am trying to show you.

The first pic is in my BIOS.
The second pic is in Windows. Notice the mouse under the mark.
The third is my menu on my monitor. It’s the same area as the second pic but now the mark has gone. :confused:
The forth pic is an overview so you can see the whole monitor.

I havn’t tried replacing either my graphics card or monitor as I don’t have any spares. I am sure I can find someone to lend me one if needed though. All was working perfectly yesterday.

Windows XP Pro SP2 - Shows up in BIOS as well remember
Ati Radeon Sapphire 9200SE
Hitachi CM721F monitor

Any thoughts would be great.

Very odd - showing up the same in character mode in BIOS, and graphics mode in Windows, would seem to rule out the card (unless it’s some sort of overlay mode).

Disappearing, is another odd trick, otherwise I’d be plumpng for a fault in the shadowmask - but it’s rather too precise for that.

Do you have TV-out that you can try?

Just tried out the TV out and no funny thing on my TV.

I guess that leaves it being a monitor fault then.
Anyone seen or heard of anything like this before?

No never seen that before, but sounds like an unsafe conclusion to me. AFAIK, the TV out and the VGA out use some different parts (different RAMDACs etc). What if any of those is faulty?

Do you have any other PC to test your monitor with?

Quite right Dee-ehn. :cop:
I guess I should at least try it with another monitor before jumping to that conclution. :iagree:
Too late to do it know but first thing tommorrow I will aquire another monitor and test it out.

I’m opting to blame the monitor because it also happens in BIOS. But of course I could be wrong.

Did you try to degauss? See if it blurrs or moves or anything, ti would point more fingers at the monitor if degauss makes something happen.

Ohh and yea… you have a funny looking head in that glare from the monitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oi, thats my head your talking about there. Nasty smear on the monitor I see though.

Anyway back to my problem.

Changed over the monitor and hey presto the mark is gone. Bugger looks it’s new monitor time.

So I started to play around with it. If I change the resolution or the screen refresh rate the little bugger moves. I used the scientific principal of “finger on mark on monitor” to work that out. Now i’m confused. :confused:

What I know
It’s something to do with the monitor as it dosn’t appear on another one I tried.
The mark will move if I change the resolution or the screen refresh rate.
The mark vanishes or get overlaid by the screen menu system.

If some pixels or in CRT monitor a line of them were dead this I can understand. This I just don’t get. It moves, it disappears, it only on this monitor.


My guess would be that your monitor has some defect in the part where it converts the analog VGA signal to a signal for the CRT.

Something like this:

[VGA input & Conversion] ------ \     **failing**
                                  >----------> [CRT]
[OSD generator] ----------------/

OMG I love ASCII art :slight_smile:

Exactly my thoughts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I am going to have to find my warrenty and hope that it is still vaild because my eyes are draw to the mark and that gets very annoying when you are trying to type.

The OSD - I think that sounds like a malfunction in the OSD - I was on the right track with “some sort of overlay”, except the overlay is in the monitor, not the graphics.

Umm, so my assumption was right :bigsmile:

Anyway, I think its burnt up phosphorate on the screen, and replacing the glass part of the monitor would most likely fix th eproblem, but you have to find, order, and do the labor which isn’t worth the price of new monitors nowadays.

Sorry about the monitor, but now you have a good reason to upgrade (whispers: LCD)

ok, is the mark allways in the same place? i am unclear about that. however strange marks are allmost allways caused by the moniter, not the graphics card, but make sure the cables are tight and not forced to do a sudden “U” turn (this can break the cables inside).

ben :slight_smile:

ps. where is the mark on the 3rd picture :confused:

Yes the mark is always in the same place and no the cables are fine.

whispers: Broke, so hoping vaild warrenty.
If not whats good for games on LCD?
Is it sub 15ms refresh rate?

OK I just dug out my warrenty and it’s vaild.

Going to be making a few phone calls tomorrow.

Hi all, can someone HELP! me with my GF4 ti4200 Card???
i’m having trouble with him since i bought it,
the Hangs,Restarts (all Graphic driver relates) :frowning: