Monitor For PS3 and Internet Under $400 AUD

I am about to buy a PS3 (a bit late, I know) so I can play GTA V, and I don’t have a TV or monitor to play it on. I was going to buy a 32" TV and then also replace my monitor with it, but after a quick read, I think the TV will be a struggle on the eyes to use as a monitor for everyday use (I also produce music, so a big screen will help).

So I decided to now get a smaller monitor, I was hoping as large as I can get (~27"), though I’m not sure what I can get for no more than $400. I am guessing I will need 2x HDMI so I can have my console and computer plugged in at once (though am open to suggestions about this). Also I will be watching movies so IPS will be best I think. Inbuilt speakers aren’t really a priority, either. I’d like as full resolution as possible, as well.

What monitors fit my needs? And is there something I should know regarding the PS3 side of things (eg. refresh rate, ms, etc)