Monitor blank during start up

i have the following system (6month old)
Operating System : Windows XP Professional (5.01.2600 Service Pack 2)
Processors: AMD Phenom™ 9650 Quad-Core Processor
Display adapters: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Memory: 2GB
Monitor: LG Studioworks CRT 17 (7yrs old)

i am facing a an annoyance.
whenever i resume from hibernation,monitor remains blank,it shows resuming before the remains blank nothing shows up even the monitor led is green (not orange).but when i press the power button of monitor ,turn it off and turn it start showing the logon screen.
this method only work when i am sure that logon screen has reached.
this problem also spread to booting of window xp.monitor is blank often when booting.i can’t even to bios screen as screen is black.upper said method don’t work here (only at logon screen).
sometimes after resuming from hibernation monitor flicker very much but in window it shows 85Hz but from monitor menu it shows 60HZ.i change through all the available HZs but screen flicker remains same.this problem came sometimes only,not regular.

Is it a monitor problem?

It could be of two things the GPU and Monitor. First take that monitor and hook it up to another working GPU and comptuer and see if it turns on. Next swap that GPU and see if it works in another computer to switch on the monitor. Last but not least check your power cables to see they are plugged in all the way and as well the connections between your monitor and GPU plugs are tight and secure. Considering how old your LCD is I suprised it still works ok. How old is your GPU as well? Electronics equipment do degrade or just plain die suddenly just from everyday uses. But first test your monitor and GPU separately on a working computer and then you will at least eliminate the visual problems.

thanx for replying,
my monitor is a CRT 7 Yrs Old and GPU is onboard.motherboard is only 6 month old.
i don’t have any other pc to test or monitor.