Monitor Advice - Looking to purchase

I need to replace my old Dell Trinitron P991 monitor.

I’m looking to purchase a 19 inch CRT. I use my computer for: text, video editing, and some games.

I firgure a LCD is not worth the cost and the problems with ghosting and bad pixels.

I was looking at:Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB

ANy ideas?


You are wrong about LCD. Most current models are great for games and have none of the problems that the early models had. Combined with the low power consumption, no heat, and the amazingly small footprint, they are WAY better. Combined with a good video card using DVI input, you will be amazed.

Ok…I guess I am wrong :slight_smile: Thanks for the updated information.

I would love suggestions for both CRT and LCD monitors please.


To add to what rdgrimes said, if FPS gaming isn’t on your list, ghosting will not occur even on most older lcd models.

If bad pixels is what you are afraid of, get the Dell 1900FP, I have 4 friends whom have one, ZERO bad pixels, and Dell has a 21 days customer unsatisfaction return policy, where ANY reason is valid to return the LCD unit.

If a CRT is what you seek, any model will cover your needs, but I would avoid Sony, I hate those two little lines the bugger creates.

If cost is not the primary concern, iiyama gets my vote. They are awesome. Keep in mind that a 19" CRT has about a 17.5" viewable image, so a 17" LCD will be very comparable.

I would think if considering a 17" LCD, I would opt for the new 12ms response time ones, even faster than 16ms, and no ghosting possible at all even in FPS games!!!

Wow…this is great info…thank you

I may be able to afford a LCD 17 inch… Ihad no idea the screen size would be comprable…

I have gift certificate for Amazon so I would like to order from them or I would go for the DELL any suggestions for LCD brands. The Sony has a nice look but seems overpriced like most of Sony’s goods.

Office Depot has 19" KDS flat screen for $68, after rebate.

Apply coupon 82593949 for $30 off, then there is $80 in rebates. Shipping is free.

Dell’s LCDs use Samsung screens, we have the 19" in the lab. Good stuff. If you’re gonna get it from amazon, check out the Samsung LCDs.

As well as Planar and Phillips. Dell doesn’t really make their own LCD’s, they just rebadge.

Check the 12ms response time LCD 17" units, for only a little more in price you get a lot more in performance. Google for them.

This is the 2nd time you mentioned 12ms LCDs, but where are the actual links to purchase them? Have you used one of these 12ms LCDs?

And yes, I think just about everybody on the internet knows Dell uses rebadged Samsung by now.

Google is your friend, I saw one for review on TomsHardware, the review was amazing, and no I have not personally used one, but after the review of 16ms I went out and bought one and its just like toms review, lives up to its name.

this is the one I remember was reviewed:
there was anonther, some weird name, dont remember now :stuck_out_tongue:

found the review:

OHH and the strange name I couldn’t remembr was “Hydis”

Dell e173FP 16ms 17" LCD Monitor $379 - $100 coupon code: 3HMT105G22PFMN + $13 shipping = $292 shipped [xPricer review]


Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB is indeed a very good monitor.
i have a diamond pro 900u for some years and im very pleased with it.
look at hitachi , they have some really good monitors.
and dont forget about dead pixels in LCD.

Is the DELL 1703FP 17" a 16 ms or 25 ms monitor. I know the 19" is 25 ms. Will you see ghosting at the 25 ms level?

I like the 600:1 conrast level of the Dell 1703Fp, I just hope its’ 16ms.

Do not get hung on 12ms, 16ms, 25ms and other marketing ‘response time’ labels.

The measurement standards and particularly methods are so lax that they allow manufacturers basically put any response times in they marketing literature and then produce corresponding measurements on purpose. Often these measurements have nothing to do with the real world performance of that unit, after proper calibration.

For ghosting, grey-to-grey transition is what matters to the human visual system.

Most TFTs produce 2-10 times slower transition times from grey-to-grey than with TRON+TROFF (total response time ON + OFF).

As such, the best way is to find a test that actually subjectively measures the ghosting OR which uses spectrometers to measure grey-to-grey transition times (THG, c’t magazin, X-bit Labs, etc).

Modern TFTs are best for gaming and basic office work.

For hardcore image editing and color critical tasks CRTs are still unsurpassed (see Sony Artisan, Mitsu 2070, Barco Professional Calibrator, etc) both in viewing angle, color constancy and shadow detail / shading.

This will change in time, but currently not even the best of Eizo ColorEdge series can pass the mustard in serious image editing. The jury is still out on the Nec 2180WG (Eizo CG220), but preliminary first hand test indicate it’s still no match for Sony Artisan.

Just FYI.

Thank you to all who have replied. The past few days have been an education in monitor technology. With the help of the one day rebates xtacydima turned me on to I have ordere the DEll 19". The rebate knocked the price down close to $500 and although more than I wanted to spend, after all the advice I have been given it’s probably best to jump into the LCD world now for a couple of hundred dollars more and get a monitor that is bigger and nicer than I have now and if I’m lucky I can carry over to my next cpu upgrade in a few years.


Thank you everyone for your advice and thakn you xtacydima for your rebate link. That link put a 19" in my price range for the first time.

Chances are you won’t be dissapointed, the 19" FP1901 is known to almost never arrive with dead pixels and with Dell’s 21 day return or exchange policy, this will make it even easier.

Enjoy the new toy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware of the ms rating, it’s not something that you should rely on when purschasing LCDs.

woohoo! Can’t wait…