Who doesn’t like money? Everybody does! And if you tell me you don’t, you just don’t have it!

OK so I like buying shoes…and shopping…you gotta keep that money in circulation!!!


Money is ok.

money is cool…

“Money makes the world go round”… true, very true.

Sweeeeeeeeeet money :wink:

Of course, money does not yield happiness. It even may extract the last happy part of somebody. But… living without it isn’t an option either. So, having a fair amount of it is nice. As long as it’s enough to keep you busy (and you can live a reasonable live) it’s good I suppose).

I really could not live without it… except for if everything came for free of course :slight_smile:

I am doing an experiment: I would like to prove the saying “money can’t buy you happiness” wrong. In order for me to start my experiment, I need people to send me money. So if you have extra money to spare, please send them to me. It’s for a good cause. :slight_smile:

My money goes to college, kids, and war!

yeah Gil T…if you have a million friends get them all to give you a dollar…:smiley:

Money it’s a hit
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit

Helps my addiction(s)…

…of which there are many :wink:

Same here! :iagree:

Yes it does. :rolleyes:

How many CDFreaks members do we have? I could solicit donation from them so that I can start my experiment. Of course, CDFreaks will have exclusive rights to my results once it’s done. :slight_smile:

121,497 and counting

I’d wish :stuck_out_tongue:

The trouble with money is, there is never enough to stretch from one month to the next. Not for me anyway.

well yeah… at the end of the money, there’s always some part of the month left eh?

know the feeling… ordering over the internet is just too much fun

Always something left that needs paying

Plus as you say, the Internet is just to handy. I have developed this habit of buying new DVD drives. :o