Money or power?



All societies live on two fundamentals: Money and Power.

What’s your preference?



Mr.B. is gonna shoot me for picking something that’s not on his list


Money IS power


Of course not! You understood the poll perfectly :bow:


scarface voiceFirst you get the money, then you get the power


AMEN…Without money, then there´s no power. Just look at Bush, he´s not that bright (said so himself) but he´s got enough money to get him where he wants to go.


booyah!!! too that… Bush got all his family in the stock market all he has to say watch out for terrorists today and stocks go down, his family buys all the cheep stock, terror level goes down stock goes up and they sell hmmm ain’t that some shit or what?


Are we gonna practise Godwins Law on Bush here?


enlighten me on Godwins Law if you don’t mind


If you have power, the you can use that to acquire money.
If you have money you have an influence that can gain you power.

Flip a coin.


@nymac11: A Google search turned up this link for Godwin’s Law.


No problem:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

Perhaps we can put Bush in the law as well :slight_smile:


As long as I am comfortable and healthy I don’t particularly care for either. Nor do I care about hugging trees, although I do take reasonable steps to minimise my impact on the environment.


money money






Hm… how much money is needed to have a certain amount of quality power? Or, how much power is needed to have a certain value of money to purchase quality products and services? In South Korea, military power can often be used to earn a great amount of political power as well and is easily convertible or used to gain money. Knowledge is one source of power but sometimes it can be used to increase personal wealth and also can bring in a lot of potentials in political influence on TV, newspapers, printed books, White House, classrooms, or even at home. Sometimes when you are in a prison cell or when you are in the South Korean ROK Army as a private soldier, however vast your knowledge is or how penetrating your insight will hardly mean that you can have as much power as the idiots who joined the army one month ago. For people who are in natural disastor, money and power will mean nearly nothing but they will just want to pray for luck. For people in political chaos or in war, love is probably what they most need. Some people don’t want more power but just want to forget and live solitarily or want someone else to do their works and take responsbility over them.


i guess it depends on what country you live in Some countrys the only way to get power is by military influence which always points to the red star, and in the US that is ruled completly by fat bank, only money will gain you power and influence.


Power causes money to fall into your lap, either by legal, or illegal means … not that anything anyone with power does is ever actually deemed illegal.

People with money can be brought down very quick. Money goes fast, especially if you have the inclination and the power to pull some strings …


good example: Enron